A picture from Tel Aviv

A picture for all who believe that Israel could manage by itself, that peace without international pressure is possible (Published 4.1.17):

Kill them all. You might think, at least, this means “all of the terrorists” – but I have seen enough to know: She means it: Kill all Palestinians, regardless of age or innocence. This is the consensus among this sort of rally, and besides: Had they meant the terrorists only, they would have expressed that.


I hear on swiss news broadcast that an Israeli soldier is being punished for killing a Palestinian aggressor laying “already” on the ground. So everything is fine, justice is done. Is it?

Fact is, that this was one of the executions of defenseless Palestinians, but documented on video-footings so clearly, that it had to be taken as evidence. For countless other instances this does not apply, even if they are documented as well, but evidence was intercepted or destroyed or denounced as a fake. And many Palestinians would not dare to hand their footings to Israeli authorities, knowing quite well what might happen to themselves in revenge.

So my first doubt is: Knowing that it happened in Hebron. Was the Palestinian a perpetrator at all, has he prepared for a terrorist attack or was he one of the hundreds shot by a trigger-happy teen who happens to be an IDF? Our news-speaker hid the fact that the Palestinian was laying on the ground because the IDF had already shot and wounded him severely. So they were absolutely positive about the fact he was completely defenseless.

Second: We do not know how long this sentence will be upheld – it might be retracted tomorrow, or the soldier released after a few days.

The picture from the independent is taken from a protest rally in favour of soldier Elon Azaria. For months they want his release. In full knowledge of what he has done.

Members of the Israeli government are expressing the same defiance of any scruple for unjust and extrajudicial executions. “Human Rights Watch has compiled numerous statements by senior members of Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration and the country’s police force, which appear to endorse using lethal force against suspects, irrespective of whether anyone is in danger.” Which is against international law, of course.

Here are a few statements from the Independent:

Jerusalem Police District Commander Moshe Edri, who after the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old Palestinian suspected of injuring civilians, said all those who are violent towards Jewish people should be killed. … Bezalel Smotrich, of the Jewish Home Party, part of Mr Netanyahu’s coalition, said in February: “An attacker who sets out to kill a Jew because he’s a Jew, whatever his age, does not make it out alive. Period.” And Naavah Boker, from Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party: “A terrorist should simply be killed.”

Citing the same Independent: “Since October 2015 there have been at least 150 instances where security forces have fatally shot Palestinian adults and children suspected of violence against Israelis in Israel and the West Bank.”

This post seemed a bit straightforward in the morning, but now things worked out even clearer. Netanjahu himself wants a pardon for the murderer, while Avigdor, otherwise bloodthirsty, seems to be more reasonable…

Haaretz, 4.1.17:

Netanyahu Supports Pardon for Convicted Hebron Shooter Elor Azaria
‘This is a difficult and painful day for all of us,’ Netanyahu says after court convicts Elor Azaria for killing prone Palestinian assailant. Calls for pardon are ‘ignorance and slogans,’ Defense Minister Lieberman says.

Barak Ravid Jan 04, 2017 7:55 PM

Israeli soldier Elor Azaria, who is charged with manslaughter by the Israeli military, sits to hear his verdict in a military court in Tel Aviv, Israel, January 4, 2017.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he supports pardoning Elor Azaria, the soldier convicted earlier in the day of shooting dead a prone Palestinian assailant in Hebron last year.

“I support a pardon for Elor Azaria,” the prime minister said in a short statement. “This is a difficult and painful day for all of us – and first and foremost for Elor and his family, for IDF soldiers, for many soldiers and for the parents of our soldiers, and me among them.”
read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.763054

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