Bombs and walls

There are lots of very well written analyses at the moment. There are a lot of absolutely shocking videos, which I won’t post.

This comment from +972 magazine is lighter to read, but once it is down your throat it feels like a stone in your stomach. “Let’s bomb them”, yes, that was the solution always, obviously cheap for them. But now I’d add: “Let’s build another wall”, seems to be the only other step this Netanyahu-government can think of.

They are building one more towards Jordan. And now, at this very moment, right through Jerusalem. Jerusalem was never meant to belong to Israel only. There are lots and lots of other people living in the city. They are not allowed to move out of their houses, stroll about – or work – in their own hometown.

Why do they always get away with it?

Most of the Palestinian youth carrying out those attacks with knives are said to be orphans, stifled, unable to get in touch with their kindred. They have nothing to lose, and have been taught hatred by their lifelong oppressors.


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