Mord in Hebron

Es war schwierig wie immer, etwas Genaueres herauszufinden. Gestern hörte ich am Radio, kurz wie gewohnt und nur einmal, es sei eine Frau, die einen Soldaten ermorden wollte, erschossen worden.
Später, als ich Nachrichten suchte, war es ein Terrorist, der Soldaten erstechen wollte, und er – später sie – war nur angeschossen worden, im Unterleib verletzt, hiess es.
Dann schälte sich allmählich heraus, dass es doch eine Frau war, und dass sie am Checkpoint verletzt liegen gelassen wurde, so dass während 30 Minuten die Ambulanz keine Erlaubnis erhielt, sie zu retten. Und heute ist ihre Beerdigung.
Wie immer muss man den nicht damit beschäftigten LeserInnen erklären: Eine Palästinenserin an einem Checkpoint in Hebron: Das ist eine durch und durch palästinensische Stadt, welche widerrechtlich von militanten Siedlern besetzt wurde. Hasstiraden an den Wänden, Militär überall zum Schutz der Siedler, ganze Strassen und Häuser von ehemaligen palästinensischen Bewohnern “gesäubert” und ihnen unzugänglich, und der tägliche Weg für viele geht durch diese Checkpoints.
Was muss ein schwerbewaffneter israelischer Soldat – und er ist nie allein – von einer solchen Frau befürchten? Wenn sie ein Messer gehabt hätte – ist das Erschiessen, gar das Liegenlassen bis zum Verbluten, wie es jetzt sich herausstellt, die angemessene Reaktion? Zudem zeigen offenbar Videos, dass das eine Lüge ist.
Diese Lügen sind stereotyp: Jeder Tote an einem Checkpoint wollte einem Soldaten an den Kragen, man verlässt sich darauf, dass niemand die Sache gesehen hat.
Jamal Dajanis Foto.
18-year old Hadil Hashlamoun was shot by an Israeli soldier in Hebron and was left to bleed to death for half an hour before medics were allowed to reach her. The Israeli occupation forces claimed that Hadil tried to stab a soldier, but all photos and available videos do not show a weapon; the soldier was standing at a safe distance when he shot her. Here is a photo sequence posted on Alarabiya…/مقتل-فلسطينية-برصاص-جنود-إسرائيل… -Also a video by Palmedia… –If you have additional pictures or videos to shed light on this crime, please post them here. (Cartoon by Carlos Latuff)

Und später habe ich dies gefunden:

Michaela Whitton

September 23, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — An 18-year-old Palestinian girl has died from wounds sustained after she was shot by Israeli forces in the West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday morning.

The teenager is the second Palestinian to be killed in 24 hours in the occupied West Bank after 21-year-old Dia al-Talameh was killed in the village of Khursa. An Israeli army spokesperson told Al-Jazeera the 21-year-old intended to throw a molotov cocktail at a military vehicle and it detonated on himself. Palestinian security officials claim he was shot by Israeli troops.

Initial Israeli media reports claimed the 18-year-old university student Hadeel Hashlamon was shot in her lower body after she attempted to stab a soldier at Hebron’s Shuhada Street checkpoint on Tuesday morning.

It later emerged that the teenager was shot several times, including in the chest. Locals deny she was carrying a knife.

Eye-witness Fawaz abu Aisheh said that teenager — who was carrying a large school satchel — froze because she didn’t understand what the soldiers were screaming at her in Hebrew.

“I tried to talk with her, she was terrified. She knew nothing,” he said. He described begging soldiers to let him to take her away from the checkpoint.

The impunity that Israel historically enjoys from prosecution for war crimes means we will probably never know what happened. Whether the young soldier was fearful the young student was carrying a bomb or simply panicked because she was fully covered in a niqab, she didn’t follow his orders — so he shot her.

“She was covered completely, there was no knife showing at any time. Even if she did have a knife he could have arrested her so easily. I was there, I could have talked to her, she cooperated with me in that very first moment,” Abu Aisheh told the International Solidarity Movement.

The ugly face of Israel’s dehumanisation of Palestinians was further revealed in a disturbing video by Palmedia that showed the aftermath of the shooting. Not only were paramedics prevented from approaching the teenager, but Israeli settlers laughed and pointed as she bled on the ground. Israeli soldiers are shown casually standing around and chatting before dragging her body out of shot by the feet.

hadil Hashlamon photo human rights defenders

Wattan TV reported that the young Palestinian was left bleeding on the ground for 30 minutes before receiving medical treatment. She later died of her injuries in a Jerusalem hospital.

Even if there was a knife, the answer to why the most moral army in the world didn’t employ an alternative than to use close-range, rapid fire straight into the chest of a Palestinian teenager lies in Israel’s long history of literally getting away with murder.

Young soldiers based throughout occupied Palestine — many of whom are 19-years-old themselves — are fully secure in the knowledge that there will be little to no recourse for their actions. After all, what’s another dead Palestinian? They would have only grown up to be a terrorist.


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