Noch kein Gebäude in Gaza ist wieder aufgebaut worden

I just signed a petition calling on world leaders to pressure Israel into ending the illegal blockade on building materials needed in Gaza. 19,000 homes were destroyed, not one was rebuilt. Let’s come together to ensure that kids can live in safe homes and get back to school. Join me here:


Dear friends across the world,

Not one of the 19,000 homes demolished in the bombing of Gaza last year has been rebuilt! Not one! Why? Because the Israeli government is restricting basic construction materials, and no one is stopping them.

Tens of thousands of families are homeless, or living in rubble, vital hospitals and schools still lie in ruins, and whole neighbourhoods have no access to running water. But our voices right now could help them rebuild, and bring back hope.

Our governments made pledges to rebuild Gaza, and called on Israel to lift the blockade. But nothing has changed. Now the world’s top aid agencies are calling for urgent action. If we join them, we can create the public push our leaders need to insist Israel stop hindering humanitarian action, or face diplomatic consequences.

Join the urgent call and tell everyone — let’s get 1.8 million voices from around the world, one for each person living in Gaza:

Just 3.6 percent of the 6,700,000 tons of steel bars, cement and aggregates needed to rebuild what was destroyed since the end of the war has been permitted to enter Gaza. At this rate, it could take 19 years before Gaza is rebuilt.

While Egypt’s closure of its border has further limited supplies entering Gaza, by far the biggest obstacle to reconstruction is Israel’s blockade. Israel claims the restrictions are for security, but the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross have told Israel imposing this blockade on Gaza is a violation of international law. And there can never be justification for leaving families without a home and children without a school.

Global public action can shift our leaders to feel this is a priority for voters, and push them to ramp up their demands on Israel. That’s where we come in — only a movement like Avaaz can rally the massive and targeted global public action that this deserves.

The media’s eyes are on Gaza right now, and that’ll make politicians more likely to act. It’s simple — Gazan families desperately need aid, not the blockade. Let’s tell our leaders we want action:

For years our global community has taken action together with Avaazers in Palestine and Israel calling for an end to the occupation, and an end to the repression, urging the world to act for justice, freedom and peace. Today, let’s join our voices together to ensure our governments act fast for the children of Gaza.

With hope and determination,
Alice, Fadi, Melanie, Wissam, Falastine, Mais, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team


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