A demographic threat

Would you like to be called a demographic threat?

You endanger some kind of people who are different from you. By, say, religion, nationality, color of skin or there’s a lot else. By your poverty, age, whatever the others don’t like or are afraid of.

Everybody has gotten used to the idea that the “Arabs” may be called a threat to Israel. Look at it more closely: It is a problem of a two state solution, because the Palestinians “have more children”, so their population is higher than the Israeli states‘. Then the actual Arab population inside Israel, who have grudgingly been granted some civil rights, though a lot less than their fellow Israel citizens, and at the moment under constant threat and harrassment, is also deliberately called a demographic threat.

We hear that the return of the refugee Palestinians to their homes left in 47/48 is completely out of the question – and one of the outspoken fears is because they would outnumber the jewish citizens. Of course, there are other, and more powerful concrete reasons. And also the idea of being confronted with the victims.

But apart from all these long term commonplaces, no one ever questions that one „people“ or nation adresses other humans as threat to … what? Their integrity, humanity, religion, – race?

Rania Masri is one who speaks her outrage,watch:

Rania Masri Speech: ‘ Mr.Obama, what is barbaric?’.




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